Give, so they may Live. Give, so they may Grow.

“Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan”  is dedicated to providing a stable, loving family atmosphere to abandoned or neglected children in India. The orphanage/poor children accepts both infants and older children and equally values girls and boys.

Daily life at the orphanage is a full and well-balanced routine, teaching both responsibility and discipline. Older children are encouraged to help their younger siblings; the children are taught to treat each other as brother and sister. The orphanage focuses on a well-rounded upbringing including nutrition, health care, education and emotional development.

Facilities includes house for orphans and poor children. We also provides library, game room, well-equipped playground, cricket and soccer fields. Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan respects the value of all children, staff, residents and visitors in creating an extended family for those who otherwise would not have a home of unconditional love.

Services for Orphanage

We are working for orphanage and providing food, education and homes to orphans/poor children.

Computer Education for Orphanages

We all know that in these days computers technology touches the peak. And we are also engaged in it and providing best computer education for the orphans/poor children and development of personality. Built the base of the orphans whether it is a child or person of any age. We want to groom the orphans/poor children so that they come from that difficulties which they faced earlier and want their future bright as much as possible.

Free Home for Orphanages

Food, shelter and cloths are the basic needs for livelihood and our Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan provide all these facilities to orphans/poor children. Provides home to orphans/poor children of any age and engaged with them.