about-us-ashramSachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan has been sent set up as a non-government organization (NGO). This trust is the outcome of a pledge taken over by Swami Rajinder Ji in 1983 when Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji left his body, to carry on the mission of Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji (Swami Ji’s  Spiritual Master).

The objective of this trust is to make a social changes through spiritual enlightenment  as guided by Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji, who taught others to adopt changes in one self before changing others. We have to create an environment in society that reflects how we want others to be behave. In the opinion of Maharaj Ji (Sant Shri Sachcha Saba Ji) , if we are right, then our ashram is right and automatically our world will be right. Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji established an ashram in Allahabad (India)  in 1953.

According to Sant Sachcha Baba Ji Maharaj “ashram refers to a laboratory where we can make experiments for bringing changes in ourselves”. Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji Maharaj was devoted to the society to develop cultural and spiritual awareness among the people. He told to Swami Rajinder Ji that his mission is to bring a social change in the society and for achieving this mission he took this responsibility to Swami Rajinder Ji Maharaj.  In 1983, he discharged his 14th body and before discharging his body, he told that now we will not occupy any other body.


It is the vision of Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan to bring a social change and guide people how to live happy with love and peace without any fear.


Our mission is to develop culturally, socially and spiritually. Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan aims at creating an environment in the ashram which will be illustrate for the society. Maharaj Ji was always of the opinion that we must not guide the society by only our words but practically and others will automatically start follow yours way.

Paramhans Swami Rajinder Ji Maharaj

In order to complete the mission of Sant Sachcha Baba Ji, Swami Rajinder Ji Maharaj took charge to accomplish this. After Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji  Maharaj, Swami Rajinder Ji took pledge to carry this mission. Inspired from the great soul of Maharaj Ji, Paramhans Swami Rajinder Ji Maharaj has carried the noble work of his spiritual master. Paramhans Swami Rajinder Ji Maharaj  is a true, enlightened and highly intellectual disciple of Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji. His greatness lies in his simplicity and closeness to the nature. He has completely dedicated life towards completion of the task of Maharaj Ji. He is spending every moment for this noble cause by practicing Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda and Spirituality.

Sachcha Ashram

In our vision is to bring a social change by changing ourselves, so Maharaj ji established one ashram in Allahabad (India) on the bank of river Ganga. In continuation of this task more ashrams have been established at  various places in India and many are under construction. In these ashrams, the following practices are followed that harmonize the body, emotions, mind and sprit :

    Skills for controlling negative emotions.
    Wisdom for improving relationships.
    Meditation and yoga for the health and body fitness.
    Spirituality that govern in curing the nation.

Sachcha Ayurveda Medicine Pharmacy

SSB is a company which has a long and established association with alternative herbal medicine for over 30 years.

Ayurveya is the Vedic system of health care that developed in India over 5000 years ago. A gift of the Gods, it was qualified by the sage-physician Charaka and the sage-surgeon Shushruta. This ancient science is health, not disease. It encompasses knowledge of complete balance of the Body, Mind and spirit, including the emotions and psychology. Ayurvedic science though ancient, could not be more relevant to today’s medical challenges and needs. In fact it is one of the fastest growing belief systems in the West

According to Ayurveda, digestion is the cornerstone of health. Good digestion nourishes the body. Eating the proper foods will make a big difference in your well being. There are two aspects to the food and nutrition in Ayurveda. One is the physical food you eat, digest, and assimilate. In this process, the organs of your digestive system have a big role. The second aspect of it is what you consume through your mind-body. What you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, and think are all important for your well being and impact your health considerably.

For example, stress is a backbone of all the diseases. An  Ayurveda plays vital role to release this stress. Thus we have the “big picture” or “holistic outlook” in Ayurveda.