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Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan has been set up a Non-Government Organization (NGO) running by Paramhans Swami Rajinder Ji Maharaj. This trust is the outcomes of a pledge taken over by  Swami Rajinder Ji in 1983, when Sant Shri Sachcha Baba Ji Maharaj left his body .

The mission of this trust is to make a social change through spiritual enlightenment. Our mission is to develop people through spiritually, culturally and socially.


It is the vision of Sachcha Manav Sewa Sansthan to bring a social change and guide people how to live happy with love and peace without any fear. To achieve this, Sant Sachcha Baba Ji Maharaj established one ashram in Allahabad in 1953 on the bank of Ganga River and many more ashrams are established at various places in India. They bring changes in humanity in many ways like:

  • Be loving towards everyone you meet.
  • Forgive all who attempt to harm you
  • Always seek knowledge and truth
  • Always be honest.
  • Be grateful for all that you have
  • Have faith in something greater than yourself.